The idea of insulation paint came from NASA thermal research
that was done at Ames Research Center. it reflects heat away from the surface
that the paint is being applied to. The ceramic beads are very small,
non-toxic, and inert. These properties allow them to mix well with regular
paints. When the paint is applied to a surface such as a wall or roof, the
microsphere coating shrinks and becomes extremely compacted. This gives a tough
barrier which not only saves energy but also provides resistance to fires,
ultraviolet rays, insects, and other forces of nature.


Insulating paints durable ceramic finish will last years longer than paint alone so in the end
you will have to paint your home less often. Insulating paint is designed to
keep heat out in summer and reflect the heat back in during the winter
drastically reducing the costs required for heating or cooling a home, metal
building, recreational vehicle, agricultural or commercial structure.

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