High Performance Reflective Insulation (sometimes called
radiant barrier insulation) is a patented, strong, thin aluminum foil sheet
designed to block radiant heat transfer across open spaces. Installed on the
rafters in your attic, it works with your existing insulation to boost the
insulating power of your home.


EnerG Shield High-Performance Reflective Insulation™ reflects the heat waves generated by your roof before they have the opportunity to be absorbed by your traditional
ceiling insulation, thus keeping your home cooler.


The technology used in EnerG Shield’s Reflective Insulation™
was developed by NASA over 40 years ago to protect astronauts in the Apollo
program from temperatures that ranged from 250 degrees above zero to 460
degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Radiant Barrier Reflective Insulation has been
applied to every spacecraft since then, including unmanned spacecraft with
delicate instruments that need protection from temperature extremes. The same
technology is also applied to astronaut’s space suits, protecting them during
space walks. And now this revolutionary technology is available to protect and
insulate your home.


EnerG Shield High-Performance Reflective Insulation™ dramatically reduces heat lost in the
winter and gained during the summer, extending the life of heating and cooling
systems and saving money on your energy bills and increasing your comfort.


With energy costs rising, now is the time to contact us to
keep your family comfortable and lower your bills.


 Key Benefits:



·         - Blocks 97% of the radiant heat

·         - Lower attic temperature up to 30%

·         - Reduces heat flow to living spaces up to 50%

·         - Effective in maintaining more consistent room-to-room temperatures

·         - Increases and lengthens the life of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) by 35% from decreased usage and operating time; puts off HVAC equipment replacement expense

·         - Money saving product – lowers monthly utility costs

·         - Appreciates your home re-sale value – home improvement

·         - Qualifies for the IRS Tax Credit through 2011 (save up to $500)

·         - Class A & Class 1 Fire Rated – Meets new ASTM E84 and E2599 Fire Code

·         - Increases Comfort Level

·         - Saves Money and Energy

·         - Environmentally Friendly – “Green”

·         - Clean, Lightweight, Very Strong

·         - Provides no nest support for rodent or insect pests

·         - Non-toxic & Non-carcinogenic (formaldehyde free)

·         - Resistant to the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, or mildew

·         - Allergy safe; also reduces dry skin and sinus related problems because of less heat usage

·         - Requires no maintenance

High-performance reflective insulation is recognized by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation

National Aeronautics and Space Administration



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