Solar Powered Attic Fan - Roof Mount

It is important when Insulating your attic that your roof has adequate ventilation to allow the attic to breath.  This helps prolong the life of your roof and protects it from overheating and degrading.


Radiant heat and moisture build up are an attic's worst enemy, working together to cause a variety of problems for your home.  In many cases passive ventilation is simply inadequate in controlling these elements, resulting in high electricity bills and accelerated deterioration of building materials over time.  The answer to this problem is proper ventilation.  By increasing airflow through the attic, more heat is actively removed thus lowering the attic temperature.  Minimizing attic temperatures will increase the overall efficiency of your attic insulation and reduce the amount of heat transferred into your home.  The result is a more comfortable home which requires less energy to cool.

The EnerG Shield Solution

EnerG Shield solar attic fans provide a cost effective solution to this problem by continuously removing heat and moisture build up throughout the day.  Increasing air changes through the attic, our solar attic fans will reduce attic temperatures within 5-15°F of ambient temperature, minimizing heat transfer into your home.  Best of all, EnerG Shield products operate at absolutely no cost, economically cooling your attic using only the power of the sun.


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