New Vision Construction’s upgraded our under-insulated attic space and installed a solar powered attic fan. The additional protection has made our living space more comfortable. We especially notice that the house stays warmer during cold weather, even when the heater is not on.

Jesse Almari was knowledgeable and helpful in advising us. He was very friendly and easy to work with. His crew came in and got the work done efficiently, and left our home clean.

The improvements that we made were long over due, and we've been happy with the results.

-Tom and Kathy



My wife and I contracted New Vision Construction to blow in R-30 and to install reflective insulation in our attic. The cooling results hav been very impressive. Seldom, if ever, do we need to turn on a fan to keep us cool in the late afternoon or night, and not once have i had to turn on the room air conditioner in the room in which I store my wine. We are also anticipating positive results for the Winter. Our new combined insulation should allow us not only to be more comfortable, but to save on heating costs as well.

We also enjoyed our New Vision Construction consultant, Jesse Almari. We found him to be very professional, personable, and easy to work with.

If your house is in need of an insulation upgrade, I would recommend New Vision Construction.

-Robert P 



Jesse and his team installed batted insulation in our attic. It immidiately cut down on noise from the street, and made the house much quieter.

It turned our PG&E bill in Summer time from $75 to $50 in one month. In Winter time our bill is usually $150-$160 this month was only $105.

The crew accomodated us, the job ws done in one day, and no mess to clean up after.

I highly recommend Jesse Almari plus his crew for energy effecient installation

-Robert S



New Vision Construction installed a new energy blanket into my attic. I was very pleased with the results. It also cut down my heat and air conditioning useage up to 50%. Jesse Almari and his team were professional and friendly, and got the job done in a timely manner. I would highly recommend New Vision Construction to my family and friends.

-Kristin D



New Vision Construction added insulation to my attic, and I immediately noticed a difference. Within two days my home stayed much warmer. Jesse and his team are very professional, and easy to do business with. I would recommend them to anyone looking to have these types of improvements on there home.

-George F 



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